on a whole-year retreat for healing and love

I embarked on a whole-year retreat and practice a few days prior to the end of 2015, gearing up for this new year by shedding old troubles, old patterns, old stuff, and things. My, how things—new, old, and in betweens—can weigh down a life! There’s an ease in my days now that I would not have thought possible in my worry-self stance, my Miz FixItAllRightNow m.o. I don’t miss that person, of course, for she is still part of me, but she is now integrated into the part that knows we endure way beyond here and now. Unconditional love and unconditional release of all investment in outcomes turns out to be a nearly blissful way to approach the world: troubles and challenges and joys alike. 

What we believe, we see. What we fight, we strengthen. What we hate, we suffer from and rarely ever transform. What we love, we bless. What we let go, we can be succored by. It is an enormous grace to be given a new chance at life, and to reach out and simply accept that grace. There is a lightness, an unbearable lightness of being, in that acceptance. So take your chances, all of them. Love yourself. Love the world, the whole weary world. It needs us and our love today. As ever.








  1. T

    Beautiful skies in those photos – likewise your observations. The hate/suffer pair might be better explained as we hate what we don’t understand or what we fear- and can be changed with hope and education/tolerance.
    (I am an optimist) . Thanks.

    1. Author

      Oh, Thomas: yes. Very well said. I am a realist who sees all kinds of reasons for hope! Compassion and love are my highest ideals. We’re a hardworking species: methinks we shall evolve. Thank you for your note.

  2. geri

    Thanks, Hannah. I heard you on Snap Judgment tonite and rushed home to find you online. I love your heart. I have been on that journey; your blog resonnates love/truth. I, too, have the blessing to help others at times, and now my focus is on my 41 yr old son, to pray, and maybe more, to help this man who is “trapped in being abusive to find a way to break the cycle.” He has to want to do that. What a grief it is to see how he learned from his dad to be mean. But good hearts. Ha! And then, there is a mean switch that gets flipped…Yes, your Community All-In approach is the only way. I like knowing that you are out there. Thank you.

    1. Author

      Dear Geri: thank you for your lovely note. I apologize for the lateness of my reply. My heart goes out to you and your son: the learnings we do in those places break us sometimes, and then we pass that on, often unwittingly. Love is the only answer I can find that doesn’t make things worse, but it is hard to know how to love unconditionally and yet not let our loved ones behave in abusive ways to us. I send you lots of light. Thank you for carrying on in this world.

  3. Ann Marie

    We have so much in common. I heard the hunt on pbs tonight and wanted to know more, so I sought out your website. I am happy to know you and your children are safe. Enjoy the course in miracles. I read a return to love by marianne williamson, it is based on the course. I have had some pinnicle moments because of the course. Good life ahead,

    1. Author

      Thank you for your note, Ann Marie. I apologize for taking so long to respond. There are so many of us out here in the world, no? I find the Course to be hard sometimes, as I am much given to needing hard evidence for going on with, but it is also stellar at stilling the mind and helping me to navigate the bedeviling complexities of the modern world. I am convinced we need to evolve as a species consciousness and am grateful for any tools that might help us with that. Live well onward!

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