on being in a breaking world

A young friend remarked to me this morning that “The world has been feeling very overwhelming, and it is easy to get bogged down in all the darkness.” I myself reached such a point of exhaustion two weeks ago that it was nearly impossible to go on. Nation states are running off cliffs at such a pace now that it takes my breath away. Literally.

And yet.

Darkness and being assailed is excellent for calling forth the goodness within. We just have to each remember this: I am the only person in the history of humanity EVER who can do precisely what I can do for the world. The only one. There has never been—and there will never be—another me. No matter what else is happening? I will do what I am here to do. And if the means and opportunity to do it are removed, I will still BE who I am here to be. What I contribute is not determined by anything outside me.

Be you. Let the world do what it does. Pitch in however you feel inspired to; contribute whatever you can: but BE. Just be. We are all part of one giant organism, each a part of everyone else’s beings: what we bring to the smallest interaction every day counts toward that whole. Be. Smile. Love. Hurt and rage and cry, too, when needed. Fall all the way down if you have to. Turn your face to the wall and don’t get out of the bed if you need to. But then get back up and carry on. Throw all in no matter what and leave it all on the field when your time to depart comes. It has ever been so. We are human beings: we excel at struggles; we thrive even in pain; we are capable of astonishing generosity and compassion. Throw all in for that. The breaking world will thank us, likely not by changing its mien, but in ways we will never know. Throw all in anyway.

We are made for times such as these. We are human beings.

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