on being tiny and not

If you live on this earth, you will wrestle with it in all of its glories and vainglories, all of its imbalances and splinterings and wide-open closed doors. You will slam into its walls, fall off its edges, teeter on its fences, vanish into its underbellies. You will use yourself up in its service, whether you want to or not. Go ahead, on most days anyway, and want to. Love it all. Fall into your being, and let go of whether it matters, whether it counts, whether it’s safety-netted adequately enough, and how you are doing. You are doing fine. Anything you do matters, everything you do counts: never let anyone gainsay that one whit. Love it all, ALL: love all of you and your one little life.
You are the equivalent of the tiniest ant, the smallest mite, the most insignificant creature on the planet: and precisely the equivalent of the mightiest beings of all time and eternity, too. Love that. All of that. Live it, breathe it. BE!


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