on fall

In my neck of this world, these are the dying days, the turnings from warm, sunny summer to the departures and harvestings of fall. Every critter hereabouts, myself included, is scurrying around getting ready for cold weather.
We have a freeze warning for tonight, and the deciduous trees are throwing all their colors into the leaves they are shedding while the evergreens stubbornly hold onto theirs. It’s my favorite season, autumn, but I never really understood why I am so heartened by it until now.

IMG_5935Autumn shows us how glorious it can be to die, so long as we embrace it arms wide, eyes open, curious and eager for what’s next, confident that we have contributed what we can to those who follow on, walking forward even though we may grieve what we must leave—with happiness and gratitude and bittersweet sorrow and joy for the times and loves we had here.


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