on feasting among friends

Last weekend’s agave harvest culminated this weekend in an agave roast and Native foods feast at the Malki Museum. We arrived early, got to help some, and then spent the day in the company of dear friends.

It is not possible to describe in words how much I treasure being able to listen to elders giving a blessing in Serrano and Cahuilla before a meal, listen to singing and drumming, listen to those skilled in cultural practices teach them to others, walk across grounds cherished and tended for generations, sit beneath tall giving trees as people visit and learn from one another.


It is not possible to share in words the tastes of agave hearts roasted in a pit for 36 hours, nopales and nolina blossoms and onions sautéed in bacon grease (and strips), date palm and chia baked into muffins and swirled bread, cactus and chia and prickly pear juice mixed with freshly squeezed lemons and oranges for refreshing drinks, fresh nettles brewed for hot tea, acorns pounded and leached and prepared for wewish (acorn mush), fresh venison roasted in a pit for four hours and falling off the bone.

I should have taken photos of the plates, but was too caught up in the day. My better half (or 3/4 on days such as this one!) and one of our friends captured some images and video, though, and the rest must just abide in our bodies, rich memories of being while here.









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