on happy now

How I love this world, right now, exactly as it is. In all its messy, diverse, textured, technicolored struggles and yearnings, creatings and destroyings, it shines on us—each one of us—and we get to engage it with everything we have within (or without).

No matter what else is going on, no matter how assailed we may feel or even be? We get to choose how we feel about life. Nobody can take that away from us. And in the choosing, we make the world all over again, not just for us individually, but for everybody. I choose joy. I choose goodness. I choose appreciation. I choose unconditional love . . . for all that is (not just the things I ‘like’ or think appropriate): ALL. Bar none.

In this particularly deadly, angry season, throwing all in for goodness, joy, and unconditional love is a tiny step in bringing to pass the world that I know can be, if only we can let it into our awareness and walk thusward. Onward!


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