on this morning

Up all night and still ‘overslept’: what a great way to start this day!! And it’s autumn,too,  with everything dying bar none (even me) and the leaves turning to bright hues as they shiver and fall to the damp ground, and not one thing could possibly make me feel more alive and glad to be here. Glad for it all. Every last jot. And feeling keenly how fortunate I am to be alive and unassailed—in all the ways that most wreck a being’s time here—on this morning. No, nothing’s ‘fixed’ in my problems or struggles; nothing’s dropped off my To-Do lists or worries; nothing’s flipped a switch so I am no longer aware of suffering, be it my own or another’s. But I exist in all-out wonder today that I made it to 55 and am still standing enough to go for a walk with my oldest little dog in these gorgeous dying, and soon to be decaying leaves.

The one thing I wish for today is that I could somehow give these deep feelings of wonder and joy to every soul on this planet in real-time. Spirits entwined for as long as we all could stand it and then some? What a world we could all make if we could just feel each other’s joys and sufferings for the single split second it would take to know ourselves as One, bar none ever, all simply being while here.