on winter solstice – 366 days incoming


Today is the winter solstice, the shortest day of the next 366 (2016 is a Leap Year, remember, adding one more day to the mix!). What a lovely idea, that today is short, a time for reflection and withdrawing and healing, and that every one of the coming 366 days will be a little bit longer than the one before it.

Today I celebrate healing and medicine, friends and honesty, timely candor and pain. Today I remember I am besotted with this lovely earth, and how un-weary she is of our shortcomings and antics. Today I remember love and life and breath. Today I celebrate joys and sorrows alike. Today I remember what I vowed a little over a month ago, about ten seconds after receiving a medical diagnosis serious enough to stop my personal time: that, in every single moment—no exceptions—there is always at least one lurking joy; and that I will, for as long as I am allowed to breathe here, search for and locate and celebrate the joys. No matter what. Ever. And until.

Today I fall, arms wide, into this winter solstice, the shortest day I shall be graced with on this planet for the next 366: a clarion call to enjoy each moment, if ever there were one. I wish you great joys on this day.



  1. Nancy Macias

    I have no website. I just came home from the grocery store and sat in my car till I had heard the end of your tracking story on NPR today January 2, 2016. Thank you for sharing your pain and how it led to your helping so many others. Such a paradox. Blessings to you dear one. Nancy

    1. Author

      Thank you, Nancy, for your kind and thoughtful words. I apologize for the lateness of my response: I have been ill. Sharing all this, I finally learned—as distressing and embarrassing and painful as it is—is one way to take the violence and pain and fear and turn it into love in action. I so appreciate the blessings you send and return them to you. Thanks for commenting here.

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