on tbt – my children of the Kalahari

Another vernal equinox dawned on us in the northern hemisphere this morning, chilly and quiet, unprepossessing and yet hopeful just the same. We have few of the promises of spring that the temperate climes of my childhood always get—daffodils, tulips, yellow jonquils, dogwood, azaleas, tiny star flowers, and violets, just for starters—but our desert sands are covered in wildflowers this week, too.

For throwback Thursday—which I’m using this year as an excuse to organize our family photos—I happened upon this one of my children from a long-ago March in the Kalahari Desert. We were all scruffy by then, but had eased into the routines of the place enough to call it home. Hard, but good times. (They’re all grown up now, but a mom carries every age in every cell for good.)